July 1-July 16, 2020

Sunday through Thursday

3-3:40 p.m.

This class is completed !

Find replays to all classes, worksheets, documents, kahoot games on this page or on documents page.

- understanding Quranic year visual 
- prologue 1,2,3&4 up to page 90  including 
Early history of Mecca ,Quraysh Dynasty, 
7th C before Muhammad, Muhammad before Revelation

Replay     here:

Session 1: July 1, 2020

content class (new material)


Early Makkah

Sections 1.1-3.2

pages. 91-108


Activities include:

Quranic Years Pie Chart

Quranic Verses : Arabic words

Early Supporters Worksheet

Kahoot game

Replay     here:

Session 2 : July 2, 2020

content class (new material)
-Flashcards activity for Earliest Supporters
-Quranic Years homework check
-Quranic Vocabulary review
-Flashcard Machine Game

Replay     here:

Session 3: July 5, 2020

lab class
(Review of material for deeper understanding)


Second half of Early Makkah

-Years 4-6 of prophethood

-pg. 109 to 144

Replay     here:

Session 4 : July 6, 2020

content class (new material)


Years 4-6 of prophethood

pg. 109 to 144

1. update Quran Log

2. Map activity (Abyssinia etc)

3. Key Players review

4. Clans review from 5.4

5. Update the QY timeline

lab class

Session 5 : July 7, 2020


Late Makkah

Years 7-12 of prophethood

pg. 145-170

The Ban

The Long Year of Sadness

The Isra & Meraj

The Aqabah Pledge

Session 6 : July 8, 2020

content class (new material)

Replay     here:



pg. 171-192

The Hijrah

Second Quadrant Worksheet

Session 7 : July 9, 2020


Topic Quran Years

14, 15

Caravan Raids

Badr 1

Session 8 : July 13, 2020

Objectives for Today:




Badr 2

Early Medina

Yrs 16 & 17

content class (new material)

Replay     here:

Session 9: July 14, 2020

Session 10: July 15

Session 10 Objectives:

18 Trench

19 Hudaybiyah


Session 11 Objectives:

20 Conquest of Makkah

21 Tabuk

22 Delegations

23 Farewell Pilgrimage

Session 11: July 16, 2020

technical policies:

If we are tested with technical difficulties due to internet or zoom issues,

1. please standby for host to rejoin the meeting.

2. support eachother on the class Whatsapp group during class. I am unable to address technical questions during class

3. in case you are individually having trouble entering, know that the class is recorded under normal circumstances, and will be uploaded to website 

4. if for some reason host cannot resolve the issue, host will make an announcement on the class whatsapp group

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